• 7 Piece Measuring Spoon

MEASURE EVERYTHING WITH PRECISION: Every household needs a Measuring Spoon set in their kitchen utensils. It will help you measure all of the dry and liquid ingredients with absolute precision. The Measuring Stick is used to make the ingredients in the Spoons flat. Meal preparation will become easier and faster and your dishes will taste better than ever!

  • SIX DIFFERENT SIZES: The Weighing Spoon set consist of 6 different sizes. More specifically, there is the 1/8 tsp (0.63ml), the 1/4 tsp (1.25ml), the 1/2 tsp (2.5ml), the 1 tsp (5ml) the 1/2 Tbsp (7.5ml) and the 1 Tbsp (15ml). As for the Measuring Stick it is 5.5” inches long. This is, basically, a complete set and you need this in your kitchen! Even professional chefs use Measuring Spoons!
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLES: The handles of the Measuring Spoons are ergonomic and, thus, very comfortable to hold. They are made of non-slip silicone so that they won’t slip even when your hands are oily, doughy or greasy from the meal preparation. Thanks to the handles, the Measuring Spoons are very easy to control!
  • NEVER LOSE A SPOON: The 6 Measuring Spoons and the Measuring Stick come with a big ring. That ring will keep all of them together. You won’t have to put them into a drawer separately. So next you open the drawer to look for a Measuring Spoon, you won’t have to search for it! All six Spoons and the Stick will be in the same place where you left them. How convenient!
  • RAINBOW COLORS: Apart from extremely useful and practical, the Measuring Spoons are also very cool and pretty! Their handles are colorful and they even help you remember the size of each Spoon! There is blue, orange, yellow, red, purple and green! Why have boring kitchen utensil when you can have these colorful ones?

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    7 Piece Measuring Spoon

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